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    Juneau Utilties has programs that can help your family save energy and money at home.

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    At Juneau Utilties we don't just provide the power you use everyday. We are also invested in our community. After all, we live here too.

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    At Juneau Utilties we know your time is important so we give you many quick and easy ways to pay your bill.


Beat the heat this summer and keep your cool with these tips:

  • Use your dishwasher's no heat drying cycle.
  • Keep shades closed on sunny days.
  • Replace your air...

As your locally owned, not-for-profit utility, our focus is on service and people, not profits.  Together through WPPI Energy, we work with 50 other locally owned utilities to help us hold the...


It's just $3 more to power up a portion of your home with a block of renewable energy.  And, it only takes two or three blocks to run the average home every month.  It adds up to a smaller carbon...